The Yoga Life Acharyas (senior teachers of the Yoga Life Society) are students of Yoga who have made a lifetime commitment to the dedicated study and practice of all facets of Yoga. As part of their service to humanity, the Acharyas perform a puja every full moon. A puja is a worship service dedicated to the Divine as the Universal Light that is the essence and source of all faith tradition.
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Crystal Memorial Garden
Daily Prayers and A Special Full Moon Puja in memory of your loved one.
Requests can now be made for the Acharyas to offer daily  prayers and a special full moon worship in memory of your loved one. 

The family and friends, as well as loved one who has passed  on, partake of the healing spiritual benefits of the puja. 

In addition, a specially blessed crystal will be placed in our Crystal Memorial Garden, housed in a display case and be forever kept in a sacred place of peace.
An explanation of the Crystal Memorial Garden as well as a lovely certicate will be mailed to whomever you indicate.  They will also receive a small packet of Prasad (blessed food or holy ash) in the mail shortly after the puja takes place.  

The suggested fee for the Crystal Memorial Garden is $27.

Please click here to mail-in an application and pay by check.

​You can fill out an application online by clicking here

The Crystal Memorial Garden.